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Plan components

Premium credits

There are two types of actions on Clay, basic and premium.

  • Premium actions are enrichment services you would otherwise need an API key for, but can call without an API key via Clay (see a full list here). Each premium action is 1 credit per record.
  • Basic actions are unlimited in Clay, for all plans.
CRM Connectors

Clay integrates with a number of CRMs (see a full list here). Welcome, Starter and Explorer Plans offer increasing levels of connectors, while Enterprise Plans come with custom connectors if your CRM is not yet included (e.g. data warehouses).


All plans include support via email and Intercom chat. Starter plans additionally offer Slack support, and Explorer and Enterprise plans include a dedicated team member and shared Slack channel.


What are Clay enrichment credits?

Clay is reshaping the data provider business model by bundling together 25+ different providers into a simple credit system for a fraction of the cost.

Each month you're given a certain amount of credits depending on your plan (Basic, Explorer, or Pro). Every time an enrichment provider is called, it counts as 1 credit. For example, if your table includes 3 enrichment columns, then every row added will run 3 credits.

How does Clay work?

There’s 3 simple steps to using Clay:

  • Find leads: Clay makes it easy to pull in lists of leads from dozens of sources including LinkedIn, Github, HubSpot/Salesforce, CSV imports, or even Webhooks.
  • Enrich leads: Clay has built in partnerships with some of the most powerful enrichment providers. Whether you’re starting with names, emails, LinkedIn addresses, or even just a company domain, Clay’s integrations can return almost any people or company data possible from number of open roles to years of experience to validated work emails.
  • Connect destinations: Clay connects with hundreds of different tools to fit perfectly within your stack including Outreach,, HubSpot/Salesforce, Apollo, Zapier (HTTP API), and much more.
What is the benefit of using multiple data providers?

We provide access to multiple data providers to allow you to build enrichments on top of each other. For instance, you can use LinkedIn to find their profile details, then use this information to find their work email with Datagma. Clay is providing a new creative way to find the best information on your leads at the cheapest cost.

What are premium enrichments? Why is this not included in plans and purchased separately?

Premium enrichments are Clearbit, People Data Labs, Hunter, and Owler. These enrichments are not included within Clay's enrichment credits because they are higher cost. Instead, we offer premium enrichment packages sold separately to access these tools. You can also connect your own API key to use these enrichment tools without purchasing a separate plan.

Does Clay enrich both accounts and contacts?

Yes! You can start with data for either to enrich:

  • Accounts: URLs, company LinkedIn profiles, Crunchbase profiles, or company name
  • Contacts: name, email, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, etc.
How does Clay’s Chrome Extension work? Is it included in my plan?

Yes. Clay’s Chrome Extension makes it easy to scrape and import data from any website in a few simple clicks. For example, you can scrape lists from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, BuiltWith, LinkedIn Sales Navigator,, and much more.

How is Clay different than People Data Labs or Clearbit?

Unlike Clearbit, People Data Labs, ZoomInfo, and other enrichment services, we are not a data provider. We connect with 50+ data providers into a simple prospecting tool so you can build workflow automations, build enrichments on top of each other, score leads, and connect with your existing stack.

Clay makes it possible to do wicked multi-enrichments such as using Google API to find a LinkedIn profile, then using a LinkedIn data to pull in their profile information, then using the company page to pull even more information. You'll never have to rely on just one data provider for your information again.

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