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Scrape LinkedIn Posts with ClayScrape LinkedIn Posts with Clay

Scrape LinkedIn Posts with Clay

7 min
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Clay's LinkedIn posts scraper allows you to map out a LinkedIn user's recent posts to a Clay table. This can be filtered by certain criteria, and with the help of Open AI can be used to customize outreach messaging to prospective customers.

Scrape a specific user's LinkedIn posts and use it for tasks such as customizing outreach messaging.
Find someone’s past experience in ClayFind someone’s past experience in Clay

Find someone’s past experience in Clay

1 min.
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Finding someone’s past experience automatically is simple to do in Clay with the LinkedIn integration. Simply enrich their LinkedIn profile and get a list of all the past companies that they have listed on their LinkedIn profile.

Find someone’s past job experience using Clay’s LinkedIn integration
Recruiting with Clay's Google Search sourceRecruiting with Clay's Google Search source

Recruiting with Clay's Google Search source

6 mins.
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A lot of the recruiting agencies we speak to want to know all of the roles that certain companies are hiring for, so these agencies could help fill these positions. Clay does this incredibly well through our Google integrations. Using our “Find Google Job Listings” integration as well as the company name, website, and LinkedIn profile, you can scrape Google for potential job listings from the companies in question. After the integration returns results, you can then map these results out to your Clay sheet for more in-depth information. Happy prospecting!

Find out how a recruiting agency can harness the power of Clay
Find Open Jobs by Company DomainFind Open Jobs by Company Domain

Find Open Jobs by Company Domain

3 mins.
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In this video, we go over all 3 ways that you can find open jobs that a company has listed on their website. We go over how to use Predict Leads and Google to accomplish this. TL;DR Predict Leads is best for when you need perfectly structured data about an open job. Google is better if you just need to know that they are hiring for the role at all.

Find open jobs that a company has listed on their website
Use GPT-3 to personalize outbound at scaleUse GPT-3 to personalize outbound at scale

Use GPT-3 to personalize outbound at scale

19 mins.
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This video harnesses the power of Clay and Open AI to generate 100% AI generated cold emails that are personalized based on your prospects’ LinkedIn summary, their company summary, or any other data that you want to have Open AI work for you.

Automate 100% personalized emails with Clay and Open AI
Find Multiple People at a Company with ClayFind Multiple People at a Company with Clay

Find Multiple People at a Company with Clay

3 mins.
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In this video, Eric shows us a way to find people with similar titles within a company. Using our “Enrich Person from Search” LinkedIn integration, you can find people based on set criteria that you input. This can be used to find people within LinkedIn that hold similar positions within a company. Eric shows us a trick that can be used within this integration to find people easily and efficiently. Happy prospecting!

Find people who have similar titles to each other within a company
Find basic information needed to complete integrationsFind basic information needed to complete integrations

Find basic information needed to complete integrations

8 mins.
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In this video, Eric talks about a common problem that Clay users run into- figuring out where to get data to use with our 50+ integrations. The sheer amount of our tools can be overwhelming, and figuring out which integrations to use is key to finding the right prospects. Some common initial data sources used are Name, Email, and LinkedIn URL. If you have a list of company names that you’d like to enrich, our Clearbit “Get Domain from Company Name” is a great way to import their website. Google has a similar integration that can do the same thing. You can also use our “Enrich Person from Search” LinkedIn integration to find key decision makers at companies on your list. Once this information is found, many of our integrations become increasingly more accessible. We hope this helps, happy prospecting!

Use sources to find people, companies and more to use in conjunction with our 50+ integrations
Enrich any LinkedIn profile with hundreds of datapointsEnrich any LinkedIn profile with hundreds of datapoints

Enrich any LinkedIn profile with hundreds of datapoints

8 mins.
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The Clay LinkedIn enrichment allows you to find more information on potential clients using information derived from their LinkedIn personal and company profiles. Once you enrich a client using LinkedIn, Clay has a variety of personalization tools to vet each person on your prospect list. You can map each element of your LinkedIn enrichment to your table and sort the table by the most valuable attributes to your business. Happy prospecting!

Enrich profiles on LinkedIn to find key information on anybody you want
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What are Clay credits?

Clay is reshaping the data provider business model by bundling together 25+ different providers into a simple credit system for a fraction of the cost.

Each month you're given a certain amount of credits depending on your plan (Basic, Explorer, or Pro). Every time an enrichment provider is called, it counts as 1 credit. For example, if your table includes 3 enrichment columns, then every row added will run 3 credits.

How does Clay work?

There’s 3 simple steps to using Clay:

  • Find leads: Clay makes it easy to pull in lists of leads from dozens of sources including LinkedIn, Github, HubSpot/Salesforce, CSV imports, or even Webhooks.
  • Enrich leads: Clay has built in partnerships with some of the most powerful enrichment providers. Whether you’re starting with names, emails, LinkedIn addresses, or even just a company domain, Clay’s integrations can return almost any people or company data possible from number of open roles to years of experience to validated work emails.
  • Connect destinations: Clay connects with hundreds of different tools to fit perfectly within your stack including Outreach,, HubSpot/Salesforce, Apollo, Zapier (HTTP API), and much more.
What is the benefit of using multiple data providers?

We provide access to multiple data providers to allow you to build enrichments on top of each other. For instance, you can use LinkedIn to find their profile details, then use this information to find their work email with Datagma. Clay is providing a new creative way to find the best information on your leads at the cheapest cost.

Does Clay enrich both accounts and contacts?

Yes! You can start with data for either to enrich:

  • Accounts: URLs, company LinkedIn profiles, Crunchbase profiles, or company name
  • Contacts: name, email, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, etc.
How does Clay’s Chrome Extension work? Is it included in my plan?

Yes. Clay’s Chrome Extension makes it easy to scrape and import data from any website in a few simple clicks. For example, you can scrape lists from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, BuiltWith, LinkedIn Sales Navigator,, and much more.